Friday, 16 March 2012

A walk on the Wall

Actually, don’t you dare walk on the Wall. If I spot you doing so you’ll be in big, big trouble. Francis has reiver heritage and I have learnt some very bad habits courtesy of him, so be warned! The wall needs to be protected. It’s not a play thing. Okay? Got it??? Right, now that’s agreed let’s proceed with the photos.


Photo taken across Milecastle 42

Looking eastwards.

I’ve never dared to climb these steps to the top. No head for heights. No sense of balance.

Looking westwards.

I do want to point out that no tourists were harmed in the making of this blog post. I was even nice to one chap with walking sticks and all ‘the gear’. Actually you can usually tell the locals from tourists that way. We schlep up there wearing whatever came to hand that morning. If we’ve been super efficient we might have a flask of tea with us. If you’re feeling brave enough to approach one of us for a chat you may even get offered a cup!